DarkHole provides efficient, convenient, and secure token swap services for all users, gathers mainstream DEX and cross-chain bridges in the market, and supports cross-chain swap of 200,000+ tokens across the network.

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With a decentralized environment, the latest multi-signature technology and multi-layer algorithm guarantees, it provides comprehensive security guarantees for your transaction process.


Aggregating multiple DEX on the market with ultra-high liquidity and the most comprehensive trading pairs, DarkHole will provide you the best trading experience from excellent cross-chain bridge service and one-stop service.


With the self-developed DEX and cross-chain bridges, multiple aggregation applications and high-speed routing algorithms, the transaction can be completed in the fastest time, and tokens can be swapped to the account within one second.


DarkHole Bridge

DarkHole has its own cross-chain bridge service, which improves the connection speed while ensuring asset security, and provides one-click cross-chain services for tens of thousands of users.

Best liquidity
Aggregating the ultra-deep liquidity from its own DEX and multiple DEX on the market, DarkHole combines with the multiple algorithms of the platform to bring you the best price selection for your transactions.
DarkHole supports instant cross-chain swap services of all chains and 22w+ tokens across the network, while allowing you to add custom tokens to meet your needs and providing the most convenient experience.
Any asset
Not only does DarkHole support standard asset transactions, but it will also launch transaction services for non-fungible assets, mainstream assets, and long-tail assets in the future, so that you can enjoy a truly one-stop service.


With the most complete DEX market of all tokens across the network, you can learn about the latest trends of 22w+ tokens and check them whenever and wherever possible. You can also get instant access to the latest transaction information of tokens you're interested, so that you can enter the market as soon as possible.

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With no third-party intermediaries, DarkHole provides a truly decentralized trading experience for all users, requiring only one step to connect your Defi wallet and start trading immediately.

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